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The NCICTE Training Center is where findings from our research studies are translated into actionable information. Use this virtual learning platform to learn more about our career and technical education research and how to apply project results to improve your own state or local policies and services. Each training module features on-demand, web-based presentations that summarize study findings in clear, practical terms. Additional resource materials and tools and suggestions for using information are also provided.

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This training series describes career pathways and the potential educational benefits they can confer. Lessons detail the rationale behind college and career readiness and the career pathways approach, followed by an initial set of recommendations to help you prepare for pathways adoption, the state and district supports needed to sustain an initiative, a pathways continuous improvement and certification process to ensure that programs are comprehensive and of uniformly high quality, and a leadership and communications plan to help you disseminate information about pathways.

High schools organized around career pathways operate differently. Access this training to learn about what college and career readiness really means, and how instructional programs can be redesigned to deliver a challenging academic core and demanding technical skills, reinforced with real world applications. Strategies for using pathways to teach the common core standards and for using student performance assessments that demonstrate authentic learning are also presented.