College and Career Readiness—What Do We Mean and Why Is It Important for All Students?

As we move deeper into the 21st century, the goal of secondary education has to change to meet shifting demands and achieve higher graduation rates. We can no longer prepare students for college or career—tracking students as we go. Instead we must prepare all students to be both college and career ready. The introductory webinar digs deep into the four key dimensions of college and career readiness (CCR)—knowledge, skills, dispositions, and engagement—as a framework for understanding a new approach to secondary education in the 21st century. 

Module 1 | Unit 1
What is College and Career Readiness? In this unit, hear how we bring college and career readiness to life for students and our education systems.
Module 1 | Unit 2
Learn how the development of a Graduate Profile can guide districts in improving learning and teaching.
Module 1 | Unit 3
Hear how career pathways can support teachers and students in preparing them for both college and career.
Module 1 | Unit 4
Hear the archived questions and answers from participants during the live webinar.
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