Introducing Career Pathways

If the goal for secondary education is to prepare students for college and career, how can we ensure we get there? This module introduces a framework for organizing career pathways and strategies for using pathways to transform high schools, instructional practice, and student experiences. Log on to learn about the essential features of career pathways, how they operate, and why they work for all students.

Module 2 | Unit 1
Introducing Career Pathways. In this unit, hear what career pathways are, some common features and delivery models, and see a career pathway in action.
Module 2 | Unit 2
Interested in starting a career pathway? Hear about the first step in laying the foundation for a successful career pathway.
Module 2 | Unit 3
A unique feature of career pathways are the structures and schedules within a school that support the pathway model. Hear more about this important step in developing pathways.
Module 2 | Unit 4
Hear why piloting pathways is an essential component to ensuring the success of a system of career pathways in your local area.
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