Leadership Development and Communications Strategies

Hear about how to build the next generation of leaders and the tools they will need to communicate a vision. Topics include (1) employing models of distributed leadership, (2) using residencies and other strategies to build leadership capacity, and (3) developing an effective communications strategy.

Module 4 | Unit 1
Hear why distributive leadership and strategic communications are integral in building a successful system of career pathways.
Module 4 | Unit 2
Hear from Roman Stearns about Distributive Leadership—what it is, why it's important, and suggestions for key members at each level of distributed leadership.
Module 4 | Unit 3
Hear from Hilary McLean of the Linked Learning Alliance about why strategic communications are important, how you accomplish it, and what resources are available to support your strategic communications effort.
Module 4 | Unit 4
What does strategic communications mean for school districts? Hear from Gretchen Livesey from Oakland Unified School District about how her district made the decision to create and implement a strategic communications plan.
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