Career Pathway Implementation 101: Developing High-Quality Curriculum and Instructional Practice

This introductory webinar focuses on the core components of comprehensive, high-quality pathways, and introduces a framework for defining key characteristics of learning and teaching practice within pathways. The webinar will address topics such as delivering a challenging academic core emphasizing real-world application; providing a demanding technical curriculum; using work-based learning to support instruction; providing student supports to assist all students to successfully meet outcomes; summarizing the instructional shifts in Linked Learning; and the role communities of practice play in supporting pathway instruction. Follow-up webinars will address in greater detail selected issues raised during this overview.

Module 1 | Unit 1
This introductory unit reviews the key questions addressed in this training, provides a deep understanding of career pathways, and explains the rationale for a pathway approach.
Module 1 | Unit 2
Learn about the evidence of pathway effectiveness and what makes career pathways different from traditional secondary schooling.
Module 1 | Unit 3
See a career pathway in action, and observe how learning and teaching is different.
Module 1 | Unit 4
Hear from teachers about how career pathways change their teaching practice and how communities of practice support pathway instructional design.
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