Developing High-Quality Work-Based Learning Experiences and Systems

Work-based learning plays a valuable role in supporting the core components of high-quality pathways and helping students attain 21st century skills. This webinar explores how work-based learning supports student learning outcomes, the criteria for designing such experiences, the continuum of experiences you should offer, and how to design a system that supports teachers and students. Participants will interact with tools and resources as they view video examples of students and employers in work-based learning settings. 

Module 5 | Unit 1
Module 5 | Unit 2
Module 5 | Unit 3
Module 5 | Unit 4
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Download the Powerpoint slides for the Developing High-Quality Work-Based Learning Experiences and Systems module.
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At the Health Careers Academy at Palmdale High School, students rotate through a wide range of work-based learning opportunities.
Work-Based Learning Toolkit Thumbnail
This toolkit provides the continuum of experiences that students should have access to in elementary through high school and beyond that help students attain a set of student learning outcomes that prepare them for college and career.